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Freebie: File Input PSD

File input in HTML forms lets users include entire files from their system into a form submission. The files could be text files, image files, or other data. Today's quick freebie is File Input PSD showing two states. Licensing This file is free for personal and commercial use. However, you can not redistribute, sale, re-upload this file. Do not directly…

100 Monochrome Vector Social Icons: JustVector Social Icons

Why on earth would one need monochrome icons? Any idea? Yes, there are many; there are many reasons to have monochrome icons in your collection. Not just to be used in your wireframe or prototypes, monochrome icons can be used in any regular or experimental design where you do not want colors to dominate your canvas. JustVector Social Icons is…

170 Free Web Icons: WooCons

WooCons, name inspired by gcons, is a set of 170 Free Web Icons by WooThemes. This crispy and tasty icons set is available as 32×32 PNG’s. A colorful collection of widely used icons, perfect for web applications and web sites. Website: License: GPL

Free PSD Browser Templates

A small but useful free resource contributed by Joel Laumans. Joel is sharing Free PSD browser templates with three different browser resolutions; all with easily editable titles, address bars, scrollbars, and favicons. Easily editable psd browser templates (Firefox OSX, Firefox Windows, and IE) Available resolutions (1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600) Download: License: Free

Open Source Icons for UI Designers & Web Developers: gcons

For UI designers and website developers, there are a huge number of nice icon collections but most of these collections are designed for specific purpose, theme or industry. Most of the time, designers have to mix and match desired icons and customize them according to the requirements resulting in a lot of effort, un-balanced designs, and sometimes mere frustration. gcons…

500+ Free PNG Icons for Web Applications

10 sets of high quality Free PNG Icons specially designed for web designers and bloggers. This PNG icons collection is free for private and commercial projects and available in 16x16 and 32x32 sizes. Website: License: Creative Commons

Free CSS3 Icons Collection

Rather Splendid is sharing various CSS3 icons. The icons are based on such objects which are commonly used in web applications. This technique could be useful for creating user interfaces and buttons for applications like HTML5 video player, Canvas based animations, etc... These free CSS3 Icons use CSS3 features like: Border-radius Rotation and gradients Transformation You can easily re-size this…

Free Vector Charts and Graphs Collection

Charts and Graphs are extremely useful in presentations, analysis and reports. Information can be easily presented and analyzed when data is plotted into charts and graphs. This free charts and graphs collection is in vector format and contains many chart types including: Pie chart Bar graphs Circle graphs Line charts Website: License: Free

Large Collection of Free Patterns Templates & Wallpapers

Backgrounds, wallpapers, images & patterns are the sources for any designer to lighten up websites & user interfaces. Today, I am sharing a large collection of free patterns templates. It has a collection of: Cross stitch patterns Flower patterns Dotted & square patterns Vertical, horizontal & diagonal patterns It also contains Pattern wallpapers collection & offers tools like color filter…

Style HTML Form Controls With jQuery

Uniform jQuery Plugin helps you to style HTML form controls like checkboxes, drop down menus, radio buttons, and file upload inputs and make them look how you want them to. Uniform masks your standard HTML form controls with custom themed controls. It works in sync with your real form elements to ensure accessibility and compatibility. The controls are theme-able and…