QR Codes: Creative Marketing Tool for Solo Designers & Developers

How do you advertise yourself as solo designer, small business or a freelance developer?

If you are relying on traditional methods like word of mouth, social networking, emails etc., simple mathematics will tell you that you are converting only a fraction of your audience into your customers. (Just compare your facebook fans or Twitter followers with the number of new customers).

Fortunately, there are a number of ways small businesses or solo professionals can advertise their products or services without having to hit their pockets – take the example of Quick Response (QR) Codes. Initially used in automobile manufacturing, QR codes are gaining popularity as an effective medium for advertisement and brand promotion.

Creative Marketing Tool for Solo Designers & Developers

Marketing yourself with QR codes is easy, quick and simple. All you have to do is create a free QR code and place it at all interesting places – elevators, bus stops, conferences, business cards, blogs, websites, avatars, display picture etc. Your audience would need a smart phone with a tiny QR reader application to read your message and trace back to your website.

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To begin marketing your services, product or brand, you can experiment with QR codes one of the following creative ways:

  • Go Viral with your Resume
    Use your QR code as mini resume to direct people to your Linkedin profile, VisualCV, or online resume
  • Show your Portfolio
    Add QR code to your business card, online resume, facebook profile, twitter
    picture and personal avatar on forums to drive traffic to your personal portfolio
  • Get Customers
    Publish QR code at conferences, meet ups, elevators etc. to offer exclusive discounts
  • Offer Special Downloads
    Drive more customers and loyal visitors to your websites by offering exclusive downloads via QR code
  • Advertise within Budget
    Advertise your QR code in limited spaces to save budget
  • Promote Your Brand
    Put your QR code on your vehicle allowing people in parking lot to get in touch with you
  • Instant Contact Card
    Offer QR code at your website, personal blog or product page that people can scan and save your contact information in phone book/address book
  • Get a Link Back
    Distribute freebies (wallpapers, digital illustrations, photos etc.) or commercial publications (brochure, booklet, flyers, user manuals etc.) with your QR code that provides link to your website, portfolio or blog
  • Offer Professional Services
    Promote your professional services by offering promo codes via QR codes

Written by Saif

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