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Design Interview: Ryan Scherf

Today we bring you, a transcript of our rendezvous with a design mogul from Minneapolis, with a decade's worth of experience, Ryan Scherf. Ryan Scherf is a designer, developer, entrepreneur and husband from Minneapolis, MN, USA. He has been a freelance designer for over 10 years under his personal brand: When he is not slaving away at night to…

Interview: David Walsh

Today, we bring you an exclusive interview with David Walsh, where we try to elicit the secret of what makes him stand out in our industry. David Walsh is author of a web development blog: The David Walsh Blog and founder of the Script and Style. He is a Core Developer of the MooTools JavaScript framework and a Software Engineer for…
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Interview: Waqas Aleem

One of my recent initiatives is interviewing some influential figures in the local IT industry. I have been able to interview designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and technology gurus. Most of them are my friends, colleagues or industry leaders. The purpose of this initiative is to know their thoughts about new technologies and get pieces of advice for youngsters. In coming weeks,…
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