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Almost three years ago, I was sitting with my friends to discuss the idea of a new website to feature and promote free and open source resources for web designers and developers. We came up with this website which currently features more than 1500 open source resources.

It has always been very rewarding to see people finding and getting benefit of open source resources every day. And we are hopeful that this website would expand even further and contribute to the development and promotion of open source. We are also thankful to our friends, fans and contributors for helping us grow from a small website to the size that we have achieved.

As a recognition of our efforts, Greepit has been nominated as Best Technology Blog for Pakistan Blog Awards. We would like to request you to vote for us here (No login / signup required, visit and rate).

Users can cast vote by rating stars as shown in the screenshot above. Show your love by good ratings and some nice comments.

Written by Saif


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