Free Premium-Like WordPress Themes Collection

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), often used as a blog publishing application, powered by PHP and MySQL.

It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. Used by over 12% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites, WordPress is the most popular CMS in use today.

Greepit will be sharing a collection of Free & Popular WordPress Themes like Portfolio Themes, Magazine Style Themes, the first collection is:

Minimalist WordPress Themes

A great painter just need a simple plain canvas to create a masterpiece and many bloggers need just a simple and clean minimalist WordPress theme that they can tweak to fit their needs.

Green Park 2 WordPress Theme

Cordobo Green Park 2 is a simple & elegant light-weight theme for WordPress, built on top of the fastest known page-rendering optimizations and seo in mind.

Demo | Download

The Erudite

The Erudite

A theme for writers who want readers, not visitors, traffic, click-throughs, CPMs or what-have-you. Carefully crafted typography and generous use of whitespace lets your writing shine.

Demo | Download



Greyzed WordPress Theme by The Forge Web Creations: two widget ready areas in the sidebar and one in the footer, custom social share icon links for your blog posts and supports threaded comments..

Easily add your social media profiles, RSS & email Feedburner syndication links, choose to disable social sharing, as well as add your Google Analytics tracking code.

Demo | Download

The Scherzo theme

This is a simple, minimal theme that places readability at its core. Most WordPress themes employ demonically small fonts which are obviously inappropriate for a web format that’s designed to be read in some detail.

Demo | Download

Minimalist Theme

The minimalist theme is crisp and clean. Featuring a three-column satellite menu-page to reduce clutter and streamline usability, the minimalist theme is designed to present site content with sophistication and elegance.

Demo | Download


A minimalist blogger/social theme including several customization and layout options. Customize virtually any aspect of the theme via the theme opitons page including background colors, font colors, layout options and much more.

Demo | Download

Simply Fresh

Simply Fresh as the name implies, is a Very Minimal Type WordPress Theme that has all the features of a typical WP themes. The design is very light-weight, simple, and basic but very attractive at the same time. It makes for the perfect personal blog theme, but it’s versatile enough to work for any type of blog!

Demo | Download

Minimalist Theme

Fast loading minimalist theme, utilising mootools, with 5 different colour schemes and no images.

Demo & Download

Clean Minimal

Clean WordPress theme is very minimal. This black and white theme is great for those looking for a simple and minimalistic style. It features two widgetized areas in the footer, one on each side.

Demo | Download


Less is more. Vostok is a clean and elegant one-column WordPress theme design which keeps the focus on your words, images and videos rather than on any design elements.

Demo | Download

Clean Home – Special WordPress Theme

A Lightweight & Minimalist special WordPress theme. No more distracting of your users; with this widget supported theme, your content stays king.

Demo | Download

Structure Theme

The Structure Theme is a modern minimalist design offered by Organic Themes.

Demo | Download

Neutra – Theme for WordPress

Neutra is a simple and elegant theme for WordPress. Grid-based with focus on simplicity and typography.

Demo | Download

Written by Saif


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