High Level Interface To Work With AJAX – Clean

Clean, An open source engine for Ajax, provides a high level interface to work with the AJAX technology. Clean focus is on simplicity and speed on development, keeping the focus only on AJAX issues.


Save your time, write less code and effectively adopt AJAX for your product with Clean framework.

It can be plugged in any page or DHTML framework because it was designed in conformation with the separation of concerns principle, keeping focus on AJAX issues.


  • Configuration by exception, minimum explicit configuration to work
  • Simple way to customize message’s behavior
  • Multiple request handling
  • Exception handling
  • Cache and history control
  • Garbage collection
  • Integration with WebServices based on SOAP, XMLRPC and JSON protocols
  • Works in all major browsers

This open source engine can be used with any server side language and fully based on client side JavaScript.


Written by Saif

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