How to: Customizable Layout using Drag and Drop

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  1. March 24, 2012

    […] How to: Customizable Layout using Drag and Drop | Greepit An easy to use and useful jQuery plugin helps create create a customizable website layout using drag and drop with features like saving preference using cookies. The plugins uses jQuery along with the jQuery UI Sortable plugin for drag and drop functionality and the jQuery Cookie plugin for storing item positions. WebDesign tutorials & guides jquery tutorials Website development [+] Design Process graphic useful totally Web-design examples minimalism resources tutorials layout website Photoshop really secrets Web Design flash useful links build Website design dynamic browsing joomla photoshop tutorials awesome LessonsTutorials бесплатные уроки adobe Inspiration designing logos скрытым Resorses imagestock tutos & démos slide WebDesign tuts designer Blog Tools group upgrade Tutorials store HTML template engines visionmedia Photoshop identify сәнгать уроки создание Web design prototyping jquery Browser Compatibility frame thoughts types layout types james layouts web design responsive tutorial Ressources Web browsers plugin photo Browser Compatability hacks webinos viewport bestpractices([1][davask.42]) validators js tutoriels Plateforme jobs dev créatifs portail offres tutorials poetry most wanted slanted undesign Iphone appliya wholesale INSPIRATION 2 (webdesign) brooklyn postbox Tec technologie techcrunch Web Design plugins expression Webb creative social Index Portals-Tutorial section tutorials WebDesign designers silver revisions webdesign articles getting mixing users engineering digital mechanical Web development – Projects – Website – Parts Web development – Projects – Website Website – Layouts – Tutorials home • contact • blog • fb • twitter to experience pearltrees activate javascript. […]

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