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iGO 8 Build

iGO is eighth revolutionary navigation program c 3d by cartography for the motorists, the tourists and . The chief characteristic of the new version – exploded views of buildings, area relief and other objects. Program makes it possible to turn map to 360 degrees for more convenient mapping onto the screen of navigator. Second uncommon special feature – possibility to use navigation out of the roads of general use, on the bicycles, aerosleighs, motorcycles, on the yachts, launches, in the marches.

Year of the release: 2008
Version: 8.3.2
Developer: NAV N Go
Platform: WM5, WM6
Permissions of the screen: 240×240, 240×320, 240×400, 320×240, 320×320, 400×234, 400×240, 480×234, 480×272, 480×800, 800×480
Language of the interface: only Russian

1. to preliminarily lay the old version
2. to rewrite to the card
3. to neglect autorun.exe from folder 2577 or to [vtavit]/to take out card for the starting of the fitter
4. to add map/objects/landscape into content.


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