One is Better than Two – SingleLine Login

SingleLine Login is an experimental one-liner login control from Greepit Labs. The idea is to provide a creative and simplistic solution for logging in to websites and web applications.

One is Better than Two – SingleLine Login

You just type your User ID followed by space and your password in a single line, and then press Enter. No tabs, no toggling between fields and no mouse movements. You just breeze through the login process. This could be very useful when you are logging in via a smart phone or touch-based interfaces like iPad or iPhone.

SingleLine login supports all standard features of a login control including:

  • Secure Password Handling
  • Integration with any Website/Web Application
  • Clean & Simple CSS Customization

Written by Saif

1 Comment

  1. Nabeel

    WOW !!! I really wonder whether someone else had thought of this before… ur UI experience and overall genius is evident from this experiment of yours.

    I’m totally for this idea, although in the beginning this may prove to be a good alternative instead of something that will dominate the traditional concept of the two fields login forms that we are used to…

    brilliant idea & effort nonetheless !

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