Open Source AJAX Application Framework

Raxan is a powerful Open Source AJAX Application Framework that uses a set of web related technologies to deliver an integrated solution for building rich web 2.0 applications.


Raxan comes bundled with the latest jQuery libraries, a dynamic JavaScript/CSS loader and a CSS framework. The CSS framework includes support for grid and elastic layouts, columns, tables, etc…

For PHP developers, this open source application framework comes bundled with the PDI (Programmable Document Interface) Framework, which includes support for client-server Ajax communications, server-side jQuery DOM manipulation API.


  • Build cross browser HTML/Ajax applications
  • Build interactive websites to enhance user experience
  • Monitor server-side application changes via Ajax connections
  • Quickly design and layout HTML pages with a built-in CSS framework
  • Easily extend the architecture with reusable plugins and extensions
  • Build multilingual interfaces
  • Integrate or extend existing PHP frameworks


Written by Saif


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