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jQuery Image Gallery 1

jQuery Image Gallery

Create your own simple image gallery for your site with jQuery. jQuery makes creating simple interactive web pages a breeze. Use this easy to implement jQuery image gallery to show off your quality images...

Matrix 4 – George W. Bush 1

Matrix 4 – George W. Bush

Farewell dinner for President George W. Bush. Ex-President of America, Mr. George W. Bush is starring in Matrix 4. What? You are not gona believe na? Ok let me show you George in a...

Flip! – A jQuery plugin 0

Flip! – A jQuery plugin

Flip is a plugin for jquery that will flip your elements in four directions. Compatibility: Firefox 2+, IE 6+, Safari, Google Chrome Website: http://lab.smashup.it Demo: http://lab.smashup.it/flip/ Download: http://lab.smashup.it/flip/files/jquery.flip-0.4.1.zip

jQuery.ScrollTo 0


Its a small, customizable plugin for scrolling elements or the window itself. Links Project Page Demo Changelog Downloads jQuery.ScrollTo 1.4 Zip(all files and docs) jQuery.ScrollTo 1.4 Source(to learn or test) jQuery.ScrollTo 1.4 Minified(recommended) A...