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Javascript Interface Library – Prototype UI

Prototype UI is a javascript library of user interface components based on the Prototype & framework. Purpose for this javascript interface library is to easily improve user experience in web applications. 3812

Develop Mobile Application With JavaScript – PhoneGap

PhoneGap is an open source development tool to develop fast, easy mobile application with JavaScript. PhoneGap is a great solution for Web developers to create web applications. With this Free Mobile apps development framework you can build mobile applications in HTML and JavaScript while still taking advantage of the core features in the iPhone, Android, Palm, Symbian and Blackberry SDKs.…

Real Time Data Streaming With Open Source Software

Ajax Push Engine (APE) is a full-featured Open Source Software designed for Ajax Push. It includes a web server and a Javascript Framework. APE allows to implement any kind of real-time data streaming or data exchange between thousands of users through a web browser, without reloading and having to install anything on the client-side. 3697

jQuery Image Slideshow Plugin – Showcase

Showcase is a Image Slideshow Plugin built on the popular JavaScript Framework, jQuery. This Free jQuery Image Slideshow Plugin can be used for creating light-weight and highly customizable slideshows. 3649