The RGB Color Calculator – HTML Color HEX Code Generator

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  1. Lawrence Salberg says:

    Or you could just use ColorZilla in Firefox which I think most have been using for almost 2 years now. Click any color on a page and it will give you both RGB and HTML. Can also convert as well (in case you need to copy it from another source – like text color from a CSS file which is a little tricky to pick with a crosshair pointer). But if you’re lazy, you can usually zoom in real quick (Ctrl-+) and that should make your text big enough to pick with a mouse. Else, if you have Firebug installed (and who doesn’t?) you can just right click on the text and “Inspect Element” and you’ll instantly see the colors defined in CSS. Highlight and copy over to Colorzilla.

  2. J. Ibanez says:

    Thank you for back linking!

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