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10 About.Me Pages for Design Inspiration

Social media is growing beyond imaginable boundaries – facebook, twitter, Linkedin, personal blogs etc. With so many social platforms, there are so many ways to socialize, build online identities, promote businesses and personalities or just have your virtual presence. One of many choices that we have today is an About.Me profile page – it is like a billboard that you can use to advertise your profile and link it to all of your online activities. It also allows you to monitor and analyze traffic to your profile and determine your popularity.

Fortunately, it does not take brains to create an effective profile page on About.Me – you just need a brief introduction of yourself (for an effective profile, provide relevant information: who and where you are, what problems you can address and how people can contact you) and a nice photograph. If crafted successfully, a single-page profile on About.Me can spread your message all across the web-sphere that might otherwise cost a lot.

Here is a gallery of some intelligently crafted About.Me profile pages for your inspiration.

Aleksandar Grkinic, UX & Graphic Designer

Alex Cooney, Multimedia Producer

David Pillen, Athlete

Dermot Waters, Product Manager

Jeffery Veen, Entrepreneur

Kyle Gray, Techie

Veronyka Jelinek, Illustrator & Animator

Mat Smith, Photographer

Martin Bartos, Graphic Designer

Christian Mohn, Virtualization and Photography Expert

You can see this gallery (and more) at http://about.me/directory/

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  • Very nice! I vote for Martin’s for sheer cleverness. Thanks for the inspiration!


  • hey! thanks for featuring me on your site! im glad you like my photo and about.me profile. :)

  • thanks for featuring me on your website! im glad you like my about.me profile! :)

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